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    Green Foods nourish the immune system, especially the liver and gall bladder.  Red Foods nourish the endocrine system, including the pituitary gland, as well as the heart and small intestines.  Orange Foods nourish the joints. Yellow Foods nourish the digestive system, including the spleen, stomach, and pancreas. Yellow-green foods nourish the kidney, bladder, urinary tract, female/prostate area.. Brown Foods nourish the liver.  White Foods nourish the respiratory system, namely the lungs, but also the large intestines, lymphatic system and skin.  Black Foods nourish the circulatory system, kidneys, liver, gallbladder and bladder.  By the same token, when the water is changing colours, each colour represents the part of the body that is being detoxified. One of the most visual effects is the discoloration of the water, but while the colour changes in the water can be dramatic, it is not the most important factor and one must be careful about making any judgment's based only on the water colour



    What is the Terrain or The Body Electric?

    A trillion cells busy exchanging ions 24 hours a day in an open bioelectrical ecosystem or 'swamp' of empty space, bioluminescence, plasma, gas, liquids and solids, established and maintained by a complex electrodynamic field, organized into networks of biologically active receptors and their respective activators, enclosed in an ambulatory thin leather sack with eyes that moves through fields of electro magnetic radiation, with an inbound stream delivering ions in the form of food, air, water and toxins, and an outbound stream that is in constant danger of obstructions, thus threatening the entire complex with stagnation; that thinks that it thinks. A solar system with a brain by any other name.

    We are here attempting to understand and regulate the performance of this cosmology with the measurement of 8 chemical values, hardly a consensus, although the correct application of which actually makes a beneficial difference. The word primitive comes to mind. And yet, as you will see, this method outperforms many apparently more sophisticated scientific systems whose limitations are created not so much by how they are conducting their measurements but by what they have chosen to measure in the first place.

    The Terrain is the electro-dynamic structure that supports, and is the interface between, the flow of energy…. and the tissue. It's ability to shift between cationic and anionic needs and events, and experience the friction between the two, determines its flexibility and adaptability to stress and change. It is the bioelectrical environment or field within which the cells, organs and structure live; and, they also generate the Terrain. The integrity of the Terrain is the factor that determines why one person will get food poisoning and another will not – from the same infected meal. It is very difficult for a disease to appear in a balanced Terrain. If the Terrain is balanced, it is easier for a disease to disappear.


    http://www.antiaginghealthzone.com/ioncleanse.html  http://altcancer.silvermedicine.org/ioncleanse.htm Headaches
    Healing Time
    Heavy Metals And Mercury Detoxification
    Herpes [Genital Herpes and Cold Sores] 
    Infections [Bacterial, Viral, Fungal, Parasitic]
    Jet Lag
    Kidney Cleanse
    Liver Cleanse and Hepatitis
    Lung Diseases
    Lyme Disease
    Menopause Symptoms
    Menstrual Cramps and Menstrual Irregularity
    Menstrual Cycle Duration [Shorter Cycles]
    Warts and Skin Tags
    Muscle Cramping and Muscle Injuries
    Organ Function
    Pain Relief
    Parasite Cleanse [Pinworms, Tapeworms],
    Rosacea and Vitiligo
    Sexual Health
    Skin Fungal Infections
    Skin Problems [Including Eczema, Impetigo, Psoriasis]
    Skin Thickening
    Sleep Problems And Restlessness
    Sports-Type Inj

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